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Lemurian Moon

Magick Circle Rollerball Fragrance

Magick Circle Rollerball Fragrance

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A sacred, protected space to contain and raise energy during magickal and ritual workings. It can act as a boundary between the physical world and magickal one. Many times it can been physically marked with salt, chalk or Crystals. This Magick Circle roller is perfect to use as physical representation of your Magick circle, let it encompass you with purifying and protective energies.

This scent is filled with fresh sea salt air, the woody earthiness of sage and mineral filled rugged, rocky cliffs.

Scent Notes: Sea Salt, Earthy Sage

These roller perfumes are perfect to wear as an everyday fragrance, for spells or rituals, meditations or as a sacred anointing oil. They come in a 5mL glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball.


  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • High End Enchanting Fragrance Oil


2.5" x 2"


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